my name is w1ke. i'm a teenager who loves computers and writes software. you can contact me.


w1ke is pronounced how you like.


i won't get too pissed if you use wrong pronouns, but i will correct you.

i'm a non-native english speaker, and i'm not used to call a person "they", so if i call you the wrong thing, i don't mean it as an insult.

things i like / am interested in

things i don't like

my computers

i have more computers than this, but these are the most interesting.


quantum is my desktop computer. it's the not that powerful most powerful machine i own. it has Alpine Linux installed on it. it's got 22.5GiB of memory, which is more than enough for me. i was recently gifted a 4TB hard drive, so it now has slightly under 5TiB storage. it isn't powerful, i just have an AMD Ryzen 2400g, but it's enough for me. i use this computer every day.


satellite is my virtual private server. it runs this website, my email server, irc bouncer soju, and might soon host my gemini capsule. it has 1 cpu and 1G of RAM, but that's enough for me, i don't run nor plan to run any expensive software. this server originally ran Debian 9, but i managed to get Alpine on it.


berry is a Raspberry Pi 400. i got it from my uncle. i installed Alpine and my dotfiles on it. if my computer breaks, i have a backup one.

Unknown's iPhone

Unknown's iPhone is an iPhone SE (first gen). in the before time, before i discovered the beauty of free software, i used to be an apple fanboy. i use this as my day to day mobile phone, but i am looking to buy an android preferably with support for LineageOS in the near future.

this site

i am making my own website so i have a customized, free, uncensored place on the internet to post stuff. i hope you enjoy what's on here. the content of this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0. the code of this site is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.